The Climate Standard

Awareness of climate change is growing in South Africa. Companies and organisations are recognising this and increasingly making claims about actions that reduce their contribution to the problem. But how do the general public know which claims are genuine? The Climate Standard is a logo system that provides businesses with a third party framework for measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions in line with internationally agreed best practices.

What are the benefits of adopting the Climate Standard?

The Climate Standard:

  • Provides independent confirmation of an organisation's environmental credentials to customers
  • Provides transparency, accountability and scientific rigour to measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions
  • Encourages work-place and product cycle cost savings
  • Provides an environmental premium to the organisation's product or service
  • Allows businesses to be recognised for their commitment to each phase of the carbon management process
  • Encourages existing employees to stay and attracts an increasingly environmentally-aware workforce to join the organisation
  • Alleviates pressures from business and public sector customers that expect carbon footprints to be considered in their supply chain
  • Provides free exposure to potential clients through the Carbon Registry website.